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I am a mature (debatable) female who shall never pass the age of 29 (the silver in my hair is an affectation, darling, really) and who happens to be married to a man who swears up and down that I'm a brilliant writer, even if he never will voluntarily read any of my stories.

I am incredibly squeamish about a lot of things, like bugs, raw meat, bugs, graphic depictions of torture, bugs, and I do suffer from a nasty fear of heights, up to and including heights as depicted in many games (such as the 4D-world glass "floors" of Star Ocean 3, parts of the Ghost in the Shell PS2 game, and Shevat of Xenogears).

These sorts of things help to point out that I'm neurotic, a bit schizo, and definitely not in my right mind. I am also rather sadistic and sarcastic.

I like to write. Specifically, Harry Potter fanfiction, though some from other places like Final Fantasy. I wouldn't mind writing an actual novel, but we'll see. At any rate, I prefer slash pairings, such as Harry/Severus, Harry/Voldemort. . . . Remus, Sirius, Neville, Lucius (maybe Draco).

(I used to be a Gamemaster for DragonRealms for several years, and played for many, finding Moon Mages to be the most fun guild of all. I was rather fond of writing areas or items that evoked a certain mood... such as retching...)

NB: Also at: LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, and JournalFen.
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